Getadoc is an appointment booking system for the doctors and patients in the form of mobile and desktop application. This system allows the doctors to manage...

Services for Doctors

“Get Doc” is a clinical appointment scheduling app that assists hospitals, health professionals, and health centers offer trouble-free online appointment scheduling to their patients.

This interactive online appointment scheduling software is consumer-friendly at the front -back ends, making the appointments scheduling & schedule management process convenient for both doctors and patients.

The patient scheduling app manages complicated procedures and situations like medical – hospital appointments. The patient appointment scheduling system also facilitates fast implementation of small private clinics; consumer interfaces give doctors, health care professionals, and patient’s full access – from their PC, tablet, or cell phone – to monitor their schedule at the least amount of effort.

“Get Doc” provides unrestricted patient access to scheduling, suspending, and rescheduling appointments. Why not offer your patients the optimum comfort to plan appointments?

Seamless patient appointment scheduling is among the core aspects of the healthcare business. It is imperative to the well-being of patients and to the reliability of hospitals, doctors, or health institutions to be able to combat patients effectively and on time.

Nobody really likes to go to the dentist with a horrible toothache and fear of not getting an appointment.  For sure clinical appointment scheduler “Get Doc” is an essential app and component of day-to-day patient health care. Experts use this App to monitor patient schedules, facilitate patient and personnel communications, maintain medical records and avoid no-shows.

Patient appointment-scheduling is an emerging concern across medical practitioners, essentially since patients often worry about time management. As per a new analysis, digital health appointment-scheduling is expected to increase over the next few years, of at least 66 percent of health systems preparing for digital clinical planning. These are exceptional results for medical appointment software such as “Get Doc”, which have long awaited an increasing business opportunity for health care providers and patients. Instead of holding your patients on the phone for a few minutes, You have to plan your healthcare business for a clicking future.

Effective to Use Clinical scheduler app

Explore the options of “Get Doc” and how it helps you deliver your magic. Plan a lot of appointments, get to a broader network. And update your health history with your physicians.

Meaningful and unforgettable expertise starts with an affiliation. So, why don’t you make it easy to communicate with potential clients, your loyal patients and your team?

“Get Doc” app is the step forward towards innovative medications. It empowers doctors, patients, and health care companies to make smart phones the most basic but efficient technological devices. Our app would make it easier for patients to connect with doctors immediately, share reports, and locate prescriptions from home. Our mobile app development team with Associate in Nursing, a decade of industry-wide experience, is well prepared for this mission. Our budget-friendly and easy-to-launch solutions ensure that your app delivers the right expertise at the right time. It brings together all stakeholders-doctors, patients, and various healthcare techniques.

To date, several practitioners and micro clinics already have established their official website, and patients are used to reserving their initial appointment online. Now, all you must do is enroll your account on the app. With all its ease of setup and customization, this online clinical appointment scheduling app is a must tool for patient’s scheduling.

If it’s a clinic or a particular doctor, we have the technological capabilities to develop an app that meets your needs. Healthcare facilities can extend their variety of health services with our doctor’s scheduling apps and other mobile solutions.

Our app is surely flexible to diversify on key options such as scheduling slots, exchanging reports, etc. Upgrade kits of telemedicine, such as video-consulting, quick movement of reports, better alerts, etc., will build an additional app that, appeals to each person.

Patient’s Module

  • Medical records of all family members are accessible at their fingertips over the last 3 years.
  • Patients can search for specialists based on individual needs, expertise, demographic trends, location.
  • Updates sent through the app for recently canceled appointments and available slots
  • Users can easily schedule physical or video consultations.
  • Users can track follow up via push notification.
  • Patient’s can easily pay for consultation via a secured UPI payment channel.
  • Patients can upload medical records.
  • Secure framework with 2-factor authentication method.
  • Patients can preview, schedule appointments.

Health Professional’s Module

  • Users can diagnose and prescribe medication on a single screen.
  • Users can send patients to desired pathology labs.
  • The patient’s health history available at the fingertips.
  • The user can accept partial or full payment through a secured UPI payment channel.
  • Display scheduled appointments at various locations and locations.
  • Accessibility of the technical support team for issue resolution.
  • End to end administration of patient records such as health records, medications, diagnosis, previous reports, etc.